Restaurant SMS Marketing
with Online Ordering.

Seamlessly Integrate SMS Marketing and Online Ordering and up your Sales!

Maximize Customer Reach with Targeted SMS Campaigns For Your Restaurant

SMS Built For Restaurants

We understand the difficulty of getting through the noise. SMS Marketing allows you to have a direct link with your customer and skip the middle men.

Foster Customer Loyalty and Repeat Visits

When is the last time your customer has heard from you? Keep your restaurant top of mind by sending scheduled direct messages that your customers want!
Tap into the Power of Integrated Online Ordering

Send direct online ordering links to offers and promotions. Our Restaurant SMS system allows you to ditch difficult integrations for seamless promos. Ideas to orders in just a few clicks.
Data-driven Insights for Effective SMS Campaigns

Gain valuable insights into your SMS marketing campaigns with real-time analytics. Track the success of your promotions, measure customer engagement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize future marketing efforts. Stay ahead of the competition by continuously refining your strategies based on actionable data.
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My Slice of the Pie Pizzeria - Arcadia (Catering Available)

We were using a bunch of different apps to achieve worse results. Restaurant Fire has been a time saver and has allowed us get new subscribers by just setting and forgetting!


This APP is AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!!! Plus the Customer Service is impressive!

Fantastic! PeruRican Ceviche

Drive Traffic in
minutes not weeks.

Push direct SMS Messages to your Restaurant Customers.

Have you ever launched your online ordering system and asked yourself, "Now What?".

Skip the hassle.

Fire Up your Sales Engine and switch to Restaurant Fire.

Integrated SMS and Online Ordering

It's hard to reach and engage customers. They eat, leave and some never come back again. Reengage your customers, ping them every once in a while and keep yourself top of mind with  Restaurant Fire.

Drive Sales

What use is an online ordering system that no one visits? By integrating your loyalty, advertising, POS and online ordering solutions you can finally compete with 3rd Party Delivery Services.

Integrated SMS

Restaurant Fire is connected to its own online ordering. Send unique shortlinks to offers and specials to keep your customers coming back.
Online Ordering

Integrate all your essential tools

We play nicely with your payment solutions and ad networks.



Integrate with your Clover POS Payments and Kitchen Printer



Integrate with your Stripe Account.



Launch Ads on Facebook's Advertising Network

Integrated SMS Restaurant Marketing? Skip the middleman. Drive your own traffic.